Feel the power of knowing that every e-mail in your organization is labeled based on shared levels of importance and replied within an expected time of response.

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The eRank Prioirty Matrix.®

One of eRank´s intrinsic value is reciprocity. As Harvard´s Mathematical Biologist, Martin Nowak points out, “What is very important for efficient reciprocity is language”. eRank is based on a form of language called Priority Matrix® –a propietary measurement system composed of five Priority Levels with four specific criterias for each.

1. Level: Five simple but powerful Priority Levels with which you can label e-mails. They range from P0 (the utmost urgent) to P4 (non-urgent).

2. Color: A descriptive, easy to recognize individual pantone that reflects a from hot-to-cold feeling.

3. Time: Time is the only non-renewable resource and all Priority Levels except one (P4) have what we call an Estimated Time of Response (ETR). It ranges from within seconds (P0) to up to seven days (P3). The ETR acts as a catalyst within the system by encouraging all users to meet shared time expectations. ETR´s Mission is to give reliability to the system. 

4. Definition: An easy to understand description of each level with common uses. Please read all footnotes.


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eRank´s Concentration Inbox® is how e-mail effectiveness looks like: E-mails categorized according to shared priority levels within your organization. It is a place of mutual exchange of benefits. It is where Corporate E-mail Athletes –paraphrasing Peter Drucker- show their courage to impose on time and events his or her own decision as to what e-mails really matter and come first.

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The Concentration Inbox Button is your access to concentration and effectiveness -made possible by mutual e-mail labeling cooperation inside your company. This button comes integrated on what we call The Distraction Inbox®.





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E-mail is businesses´ main communication tool and according to a recent study by The McKinsey Global Institute, Americans spend 28% of their office time on it. It´s time to bring effectiveness into the process.

eRank can help. Here´s how:


eRank´s innovative "New Message" Screen.



Hit the New Message button. Select the Priority Level. Forgot what each represents? No problem. Click the Matrix Button. Fill the rest of the e-mail as usual. Hit Send.




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Your old Inbox is now called Distraction Inbox® -the new generation in Inboxes. It is informative and action oriented. It is your familiar Inbox where all your e-mails are displayed in the order they are received -but labeled. A highly visible priority icon* for each according to the Priority Matrix® empowers you to take action (*If not, no label will be shown). 


Ready to concentrate on the e-mails that come first? Hit the Concentration Inbox Button and see the next screen to see what happens...

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Your new Inbox. eRank´s "Distraction Inbox" SCREEN: Your regular Inbox (stacked according to the time of reception) -but labeled. Sweet!



eRank´s amazing "Concentration Inbox" Screen.



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Welcome to the amazing Concentration Inbox®. Stop reading your e-mails randomly and start doing so by shared priorities. Once you´ve hit the Concentration Inbox Button, you´ll see this new screen. It has five buttons at the bottom, one for each Priority Level -with their own counter indicator. E-mail concentration doesn´t get better than that.


P4s don´t have an Estimated Time of Response (ETR) so that leaves you with four Priority Levels to deal with. Given their ETR, concentrate on P0s first and then work your way up -Yiha!




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Even when you open your messages, the Priority Level appears beside the Subject line so you don´t lose focus. Forgot what it represents? No problem. Click it and you´ll access the Priority Matrix®.



The Priority Matrix Screen.



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The eRank Priority Matrix® is easy to read and is always accessible. You can quick view it from three different screens (Home, New Message and Opened Message) so you don´t loose focus either when sending or receiving e-mails. 


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